Ambassador Hartzell: EU stands by Georgia, in support of building strong, democratic country

“The European Union is standing by Georgia. In support of building a strong, prosperous, and democratic country. During times of COVID and other crises,” EU Ambassador Carl Hartzell’s Europe Day statement read.

He continued: “And in our unwavering support for Georgia’s independence and territorial integrity. And we will continue to do so.”

The Ambassador pledged that the European Union would continue “to count on Georgia as our friend and partner.”

Carl Hartzell stressed that “here in Georgia, our close partnership is based on these same values. A partnership that is set to grow further as Georgia took the historic step to apply for EU membership, in line with the aspirations of an overwhelming majority of its population and in coping with its civilizational roots. ”

“At a time when Europe was still rising from the ashes of a devastating war, determined to make sure there would be no more wars in Europe.

While we remain faithful to that vision, unfortunately, others blatantly and tragically demonstrate that they still see things differently. But as Russia is waging its unjustified war in Europe, we are standing up in strong solidarity with Ukraine, based on the values and principles that unite us and on which our Union was built.

From the constitution of the First Republic of Georgia, we see that the values of democracy, equality, diversity, and freedom have a deep foundation in Georgian society and culture. Values that we all treasure to this day, and which we want to continue working on together and fight for globally,” the Ambassador underscored.

Europe Day commemorates the signing of the ‘Schuman Declaration’ on 9 May 1950. An ambitious plan to secure long-term peace in post-war Europe that is considered the beginning of what is now the European Union.

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