Economic Minister: We observed excessive emotions and attempts at politicizing Anaklia Project
Economic Minister: We observed excessive emotions and attempts at politicizing Anaklia Project

“Regrettably, important projects in Georgia often become politicized. While it’s understandable that political forces seek to advance their specific agendas, this often diverges from the country’s broader objectives,” Levan Davitashvili, the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, stated.

After a Cabinet meeting, Davitashvili underscored the strategic importance of the Anaklia port in bolstering Georgia’s economic advancement and connectivity.

“The Anaklia port is an important public infrastructure that will contribute to the growth of the transport function of our country, increasing the competitiveness of the countries of the middle corridor,” Davitashvili stated.

Addressing concerns surrounding the participation of Chinese companies in the project, Davitashvili clarified that discussions on international involvement, including from China, had been underway since the project’s inception.

“There have been instances of misinformation, including reports incorrectly claiming sanctions on the involved company. The Chinese ambassador provided clarifications. The concerned entity is one of China’s largest state-owned enterprises and a part of the consortium. We anticipate including additional companies as the project advances, enhancing its competitiveness further.

However, significant procedural steps lie ahead, including several months of dialogue with the bidder before a final agreement is reached between partners, as highlighted by the Prime Minister,” Davitashvili declared.

Assuring a commitment to transparent and effective project development, Davitashvili emphasized the involvement of international legal consultants in the process. He also highlighted the global standing of the Chinese company, ranking among the world’s top 500 enterprises.

“In addition, the company can undertake similar ventures across various nations globally. While it faces certain restrictions imposed by two US agencies—the Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security and the Department of the Treasury—these restrictions are narrowly defined, primarily concerning specific procedures. They do not impede financial transactions, project implementation, or other activities,” Davitashvili concluded.