Georgia to introduce electronic technologies for next elections
Georgia to introduce electronic technologies for next elections

“The Georgian government plans to introduce electronic technologies for local self-government elections,” Executive Secretary of the ruling Georgian Dream party, Irakli Kobakhidze, announced on Monday.

“The ruling team and opposition agreed on the main aspects of the electoral reform during the talks,” Kobakhidze added.

“We planned to purchase voting machines and biometric technology, which eliminates any manipulation and human error in vote-counting. Once and for all, we will solve the 30-year long problem of unbalanced election protocols in Georgia,” Kobakhidze stressed.

Kobakhidze said that “the Georgian Dream could not wait for the opposition to end its rivalry and would apply to the Central Election Commission (CEC) to kick off purchasing the equipment for the upcoming local self-government elections.”

“The Georgian Parliament will develop an appropriate legal framework for that,” he added.

The ruling team member once again urged the opposition to enter the parliament. Most of the opposition parties that passed the 1% election threshold refuse to enter the parliament. They believe the 2020 parliamentary elections were a fraud.

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