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Georgia deserved and still deserves EU candidate status, GD chair says
GD Chair believes linking Georgia to Ukraine's negotiations to be artificial, citing "Georgia deserves EU candidate status"
GD Chair deems visit to Hungary one week ahead of decision on EU candidate status as significant
GD Chair begins his Budapest visit
GD Chair: When Blinken, Borrell, other EU leaders present, Georgian FM's participation to be absolutely logical
GD does not count on opposition in fulfilment of EC's defined 9 steps
GD Chair: We do not impose sanctions, but do not allow their circumvention
GD supports use of non-electronic IDs in 2024 parliamentary elections, pledges to cancel those issued before 2011
GD Chair describes nine newly defined recommendations as "more easily fulfilled"
GD Chair vows 2024 elections to be free, democratic, competitive
GD Chair: If Salome Zourabishvili wants to be accomplice of Saakashvili's immorality, she can choose to pardon
GPB Dir/Gen: Broadcaster's financing model should be reviewed and become more sustainable
GD Chair: Regarding expediency, we do not adhere to specific issue recommendations; instead, we provided explanations to the Venice Commission
GD Chair meets EU Ambassador 
GD Chair deems EPP resolution as unjustified
GD Chair says November 8 turns "dark day" for radical opposition 
GD Chair meets US Ambassador
Shift in opposition, NGOs' rhetoric indicates likelihood of EU candidate status, GD chair says
GD Chair hopes President not to commit treason by ex-president's pardoning
GD Chair optimistic about EU candidate status in December