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Investigation into June 20-21 developments will continue under article stipulating rebellion intended to overthrow or seize state power
Prosecutor's Office released official information on Vitaly Saparov murder case
Tbilisi City Court to discuss Nika Melia's case at 14:00 today
Prosecutor’s Office applied to Court with motion to impose imprisonment to Nika Melia
Giorgi Kakhiani: Nika Melia's MP's authority will be suspended if court decides to arrest him
Prosecutor's Office started investigation into the possible exceeding of authority from the Law Enforcers against participants of the demonstration
Leader of transnational organized cybercriminal network and his assistant were detained upon the motion of Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia
TV Pirveli founder releases statement regarding letter published by Prosecutor’s Office
Prosecutor’s Office publishes letter presented by Mamuka Khazaradze
Prosecutor’s Office: Mamuka Khazaradze said nothing about threatening letter during the questioning
Prosecutor’s Office: When Mamuka Khazaradze confirms the allegation voiced by him, we will take appropriate legal action
Prosecutor’s Office denies as if TBC Bank's case is classified as a secret
Prosecutor’s Office: Despite loans given to Samgori Trade Ltd and Samgori M Ltd were classified as bad loans, TBC Bank continued crediting these companies
Prosecutor’s Office says Giorgi Mamaladze’s case materials will not be made public
Public Defender calls on Prosecutor's Office to provide Machalikashvilis’ family with information about investigation
National Movement appeals to Prosecutor's Office to investigate possible election fraud facts
Prosecutor’s Office denies reports that prosecutor of Khorava Street case has been promoted
Yet another representative of TI Georgia to be questioned within investigation into possible preparation of false IDs
Prosecutor’s Office – Eka Gigauri and Irma Pavliashvili rejected giving important information to investigation
Prosecutor's Office -- Offense committed by Otar Partskhaladze is less heavy crime