Tag: Negotiations

Lelo for Georgia: Early elections to be discussed in future
UNM: Our country lost a historic opportunity
European Georgia: We accept no approach unless it solves political prisoners and early elections issues
EU mediator: None of political parties could agree to put country interest first
EU mediator: There was no willingness to reach compromise
EU mediator: None of political parties could agree
Opposition representatives optimistic about negotiations
Parliament Vice-Speaker expects most of opposition to enter parliament
EU mediator: Text to be on the table tomorrow
Danielsson calls on all parties to ensure that Georgia is the winner
EU Mediator Danielsson: Georgia to focus on real issues like Covid and European path
EU Mediator Danielsson: No winners or losers in Georgia if agreement reached
EU mediator Danielsson meets UNM, Republican Party
GD Chairman Kobakhidze: No early elections to be a given, not ultimatum
Georgian President, EU mediator focus on easing political crisis in Georgia
Parliament Vice-Speaker: Conclusive mediation to be a matter of EU prestige
EU mediator to begin meetings with political parties from March 29
French Ambassador: Georgia needs to focus on challenges in health, economic, and region
EU Ambassador to Georgia: Agreement possible if all sides demonstrate sincere willingness
Political actors in Georgia echo US Ambassador's statement on lack of courage to compromise