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Georgia should become candidate once completes necessary reforms, states EU Parliament's resolution
Georgian FM meets MEPs
State Minister, MEPs meet
Cabinet of Parliament Speaker to release statement about cancellation of MEP’s visit
GD Chair calls on Georgian citizens to act in line with European values
MEPs to release joint statement on 13th anniversary of Russian aggression against Georgia
MEPs to release joint statement on GD’s withdrawal from April 19 Agreement
UNM Chair: MEPs to stand surety for me acceptable
MEPs call on remaining opposition parties and individual MPs to show courage for the greater good of Georgia
Leader of Girchi-More Freedom: Government to be responsible for everything
MEPs react to the refusal of Georgian political parties to reach an agreement, call for consequences in terms of EU financial assistance
MEPs call on political forces to put aside their partisan interests
Ex-president Saakashvili labels as idiots everyone who believes he must abandon influence
MEPs: Once again, we would like to congratulate Georgia, a key ally of the EU, on organising these elections despite a challenging epidemiological context
MEPs: We'd like to congratulate Georgia, key ally of EU, on successfully organising first round of the parliamentary elections despite difficult epidemiological context
MEPs: Continuation of dialogue between parliamentary majority and opposition is vital for reaching a consensus on electoral reform
Kakhaber Kuchava: In some cases, MEPs are provided with misleading information
Opposition leaders meet MEPs
Natalia Sabanadze: Good and friendly relations established between President and MEPs
Mamuka Bakhtadze – MEPs described dirty campaign against Salome Zurabishvili as shameful