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EC adopts full suspension of visa facilitation with Russia
Consultations on EC’s 12-point plan underway in parliament
President believes government will take all necessary measures to get EU candidate status
Georgia has clear path for EU, Josep Borrell says  
EP groups’ leaders call on EU states to decide on Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia's EU membership applications
European Council to revert to Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia's EU membership applications in June
European Council demands that Russia immediately stop war against Ukraine
EU member states agreed to invite EU Commission to present opinion on Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova
European Council: Notions of ‘spheres of influence’ have no place in 21st century
European Peace Facility allocates €12.75 mln to Georgian Defence Forces 
European Council calls on political parties to put interests of Georgian people first
Government, opposition, EU mediator to hold a joint meeting
Georgian PM, European Council President hold broader meeting
European Council President invites Georgian politicians to meet tonight
UNM: EU to exert pressure to overcome crisis
European Council President sends Georgia message of friendship
President of European Council: It is imperative to unite on core values
EU calls on all parties to neutralize stalemate
Georgian President, European Council President meet
European Council President arrives in Tbilisi