UNM rebuffs to sign EU-brokered compromise paper
UNM rebuffs to sign EU-brokered compromise paper

United National Movement (UNM) will not sign the EU-brokered compromise paper, party Chairman Nika Melia announced after the sitting of the political council on Sunday.

Melia said the mediation paper entails a particular point which they oppose.

“There is one point in this agreement that is categorically unacceptable and in view of all this, we cannot sign this paper. As for the remaining points, we will work on them and fight against the disruption created by the Georgian Dream,” Melia added.

UNM has decided today to enter the parliament.

The ruling party and the part of the opposition signed the EU-mediated agreement following the six-month political stalemate following the 2020 parliamentary elections.

Although some of the political parties entered the parliament after signing the agreement paper European Georgia and Labour party reject to do so.

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