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UNM Chair rebuffs ex-president Margvelashvili’s presidency of his party
UNM to hold rallies to demand ex-president’s treatment abroad
UNM's Melia says party to use all political arenas
Koba Nakopia confirmed as new Char of UNM political council, replacing Nika Melia
UNM says ex-president’s abduction be plotted in Russia, GD advises reporting to relevant agencies
President Zourabichvili meets UNM Chair
UNM to launch mass hunger strike until jailed ex-president release
UNM plans no sit back, party chair says
Opposition should unite around early, fully proportional elections, UNM Chair says
Protest continues until Saakashvili transferred to Gori Military Hospital, UNM's Melia says
UNM Chair: November 19 rally to take place at Republican Square
UNM marches in Tbilisi 
UNM urges MIA to fulfil duties at today's rally
UNM to rally tomorrow in Tbilisi 
UNM schedules rally for tomorrow at parliament 
UNM Chair pledges to breakdown current regime peacefully
No rallies at vicinity of any hospital Saakashvili is transferred to, UNM pledges
Nika Melia urges citizens to join UNM's protest 
UNM to rally tomorrow at 8 pm in downtown Tbilisi
UNM Chair to give 24 hours to the government for ex-president’s transferring to civic clinic