Tbilisi City Hall to deliver social policy projects report
Tbilisi City Hall to deliver social policy projects report

Tbilisi City Hall delivered a report on Tbilisi social policy projects in 2018-2021 on Monday.

Ilia Eloshvili, the Deputy Mayor of the capital, stated that City Hall introduced three new healthcare programs during the reported period.

“Totally 28 projects have been implemented in the healthcare field. We retained and improved old projects and added three new ones, including the Liver Transplant Program, Thyroid Cancer Management of Disease Screening Program, and Multiple Sclerosis Medication Funding Program. A total amount provided by City Hall for the projects equals GEL 228,305,235,” Ilia Eloshvili stated.

Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze named social and health policy as one of the key directions.

“The state should take care of the health of its citizens, contribute to improve their social status and create appropriate conditions for a dignified life, otherwise it cannot be viewed as a state,” he noted.

According to Mayor, Tbilisi municipality met more than two million citizens’ requests through the programs and spent more than one billion Lari from the budget.

Kakha Kaladze said he is proud of the highest quality standards implemented in kindergartens.

“Proud of the standard that has been introduced in kindergartens. Our children, the next generation, have an opportunity to get an education in a decent environment. These standards are of the highest quality. All kindergartens meet European standards in food component, environment, recreation areas,” he added.