Parliament member working group to discuss new electoral reform
Parliament member working group to discuss new electoral reform

Discussions on a new electoral reform continued on Tuesday. The MPs review staffing the election administration and resolving disputes at the off-premise sitting in Kachreti for the second day.

The working group has to mitigate the positions on the electoral system and technical equipment for holding the elections in the country.

The CEC will have seventeen members, including eight elected following the competencies and nine represented by political parties, under the new electoral system.

Lelo member Ana Natsvlishvili says a group is working to change election administration staffing rules completely. She says the main task is to conduct professional selection in practice so that professionals could bear the burden of holding fair elections.

“The discussions serve to bring the sense of elections back to the country. It is essential how individuals working in the election administration for years will be selected following their competencies since there has been no real competition for this job earlier, and Special Security Service was involved in the staffing,” Ana Natsvlishvili said.

Member of the parliamentary majority Anri Okhanashvili believes the Georgian Dream has rational and fair proposals for staffing the election administration. According to him, the election administrations would be staffed with experienced and qualified individuals.

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