Lelo member: Only one way left, public resistance, public protest
Lelo member: Only one way left, public resistance, public protest

The only way left is public resistance, public protest, peaceful, long-lasting continuous protest to remove the government that is dangerous for Georgia, said Tazo Datunashvili, a member of the opposition Lelo party.

According to Tazo Datunashvili, Bidzina Ivanishvili’s government poses a threat to the Euro-Atlantic future.

“The whole civilized world saw what we see for many years. Ivanishvili’s government is a dangerous occurrence for Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic future. Ivanishvili’s government is not focused on our Euro-Atlantic future. He disregarded the mediation of Michel’s representative. He put an end to resolving the political crisis. Therefore, we, the free citizens of Georgia, people who are concerned about the future of our country, have no choice but to remove the government, which is dangerous for Georgia, through public resistance, public protest, peaceful long-lasting continuous protest,” Datunashvili said.

 The opposition and the ruling Georgian Dream party held negotiations mediated by EU’s Christian Danielsson on March 18. Danielsson, a special envoy for the European Council President on the Georgian political crisis, spent a week in Georgia to help the sides agree. However, the talks ended with no promising outcome.

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