GPB First Channel statement on June 30 Dghis Tema program
GPB First Channel statement on June 30 Dghis Tema program

Public Broadcaster is the only national platform aiming to unite society, bring different stances closer, and curb polarization. Amid the radically polarized political and media environment in the country, Public Broadcaster is the only platform, representing all political forces.

Public Broadcaster, as an impartial and balanced media outlet, is watchful of its reputation, ergo, the statements by the United National Movement (UNM) leader Nika Melia in the Dghis Tema (Day Topic) program aired on June 30 are completely unacceptable and vexing.

During the live interview, the public watched UNM’s Melia aggressively trying to exert pressure on the host, at the same time, Melia’s tone and content were degrading.

It is particularly worrisome that aggression towards the host seems to be decided beforehand and pre-planned. It bears mentioning that the respondent, without any justification or facts, accused the Public Broadcaster of bias.

Political leader’s unsubstantiated statements are aimed at meddling with editorial independence, deliberately damaging the organization’s image, which is even more worrying amid extreme polarization in society and in the time of pre-announced rallies as such remarks may make both the organization and its journalists the targets of aggression while performing professional duties.

Public Broadcaster’s independence is guaranteed by the Constitution of Georgia, and the independent Public Broadcaster is the greatest asset for today’s society, the only platform that remains constructive and the most open for all.

Given this, we express utmost concern about the said incident and appeal to the international organizations not to overlook the attempt of pressuring the Public Broadcaster as an independent media.