Girchi opposition party to negotiate to enter Parliament
Girchi opposition party to negotiate to enter Parliament

“We will do our best to end these negotiations, no matter what the format, by presuming that we enter the parliament,” said Sandro Rakviashvili, a member of Girchi opposition party.

“Our primary task is to have a conversation that we think should have happened during the negotiations and to find out what is the position of the Georgian Dream and what is their vision of the current political processes. We want to spend this week gathering most of the information to make our stand clear to our supporters,” Rakviashvili said.

Ultimately, the functional parliament’s formation will be one of the signs of success in these negotiations.

“Therefore, we will do our best to ensure that these talks, no matter whether this would be separate negotiations between opposition parties and the Georgian Dream, or mediated by diplomats, conclude with us taking up our seats,” Rakviashvili said.

The opposition and the ruling team held a second hours-long joint meeting mediated by EU’s Christian Danielsson on March 18 but achieved no tangible result. Danielsson, a special envoy for the European Council President, left for Brussels on March 19.

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