Girchi's Rakviashvili lambasts new Defence Code
Girchi's Rakviashvili lambasts new Defence Code

The opposition Girchi member, Sandro Rakviashvili lambasted Defence Ministery-tabled Defence Code, saying “These changes have nothing to do with defence capability, but destroy the latter.”

“Georgia should have a strong army that is not used for political purposes, as Georgian Dream is attempting,” he noted.

Rakviashvili also deemed the bill “discriminatory since it only permits Orthodox clerics to avoid military service.”

Grigol Giorgadze, the Georgian Deputy Defence Minister, today presented the Code to the Parliament, rejecting the discriminatory claims, stressing that the bill also had offered an alternative labour service to members of all confessions in Georgia.

The Minister explained that the new Code had been developed with an active engagement of foreign partners, seeking to increase Georgia’s interoperability with NATO.