Georgian Parliament to adopt a 14-point draft foreign policy resolution
Georgian Parliament to adopt a 14-point draft foreign policy resolution

The Parliament of Georgia plans to adopt a draft 14-point Resolution on Foreign Policy of Georgia. The draft will be presented at the session of the Parliamentary Bureau on December 21.

The announced strategic priorities of Georgia’s foreign policy include the de-occupation of the country, the restoration of Georgia’s territorial integrity through peaceful means as the main foreign policy task of Georgia.

Aspiration for joining NATO and the European Union, including applying for full membership in the EU in 2024 are announced Georgia’s non-alternative foreign policy priorities.

The purpose of the Government of Georgia is to deepen relations with the United States of America, as the country’s main strategic partner and ally, following the Charter of Strategic Partnership between the United States and Georgia. A special priority is to strengthen US-Georgian cooperation to increase US involvement in the Black Sea geostrategic area, reach a free trade agreement with the US, strengthen defense and education cooperation, and attract US investment in Georgia.

Georgia would also strive to ensure peace and stability in the Black Sea region. Strengthening of the strategic partnership with Turkey and Azerbaijan and good-neighborly and friendly relations with Armenia, as well as relations with Romania, Bulgaria, and Ukraine, are named the priority for the country’s foreign policy.

Pragmatic and principled relations with the Russian Federation aimed at de-occupying Georgian territory, withdrawing recognition of the so-called “independence” of the occupied territories, restoring the country’s territorial integrity, and minimizing conventional and hybrid threats from Russia are prioritized.

The Government of Georgia will also facilitate the deepening of ties with China, India, Japan and Korea, Central Asia and the Middle East, as well as the development of relations in the format of the United Nations, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Council of Europe, the Black Sea Economic Cooperation, GUAM and other international organizations.

It is also a priority for Georgia to develop the role and function of the country as a regional hub connecting the West and the East, through education, digital, logistics, and trade-economic directions.

Participation in peacekeeping operations to promote international security and stability is also an issue of Georgia’s Foreign Policy. The country would also protect the rights and legitimate interests of Georgian citizens living abroad and deepen relations with the Georgian Diaspora.

The country will focus on the development of interpersonal relations, cultural and educational exchanges, and ties to promote international and regional peace and cooperation.

According to the draft resolution, the Parliament of Georgia will take an active part in the formation and conduct of the country’s foreign policy and the Government of Georgia will ensure the active participation of citizens and civil society in the implementation of foreign policy tasks.

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