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EU’s Borrell tells Putin to choose between having guns or butter for people
Customs Department rejected customs service to vessel loaded with sanctioned products, Revenue Service says
Georgia to be exemplary in complying with int'l sanctions, Finance Ministry says
Georgia must not be used for sanctions evasion, Ambassador Degnan says
Gov't to prevent Georgia's territory from being used to circumvent sanctions
EU countries agree on fifth round of Russia sanctions, including coal embargo
Any type of goods, indicated in sanction list, is subject to tight control at customs, Georgian Finance Ministry states
Georgia long ago imposed restrictions that different countries are now imposing on Russia, Speaker says
Ambassador Degnan: Georgia complies with int'l sanctions
EU imposes Fourth Package of Sanctions against Russia
EU expands sanctions against Russia, Belarus
Lelo urges parliament to demand joining EU-imposed sanctions
Georgia not to join financial and economic sanctions imposed against Russia
For violation of restriction on movement, physical persons will be fined by 2 thousand GEL, legal persons – 10 thousand GEL
US Treasury sanctions Russian research institute behind Triton malware
German Foreign Minister calls on EU for imposition of sanctions against Russia into Navalny case
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania extend sanctions on Belarusian officials
US, EU, UK, Ukraine and Georgia block resolution in UN calling for lifting sanctions to Russia
Sanctions to be imposed for violation of quarantine and self-isolation rules
U.S President announces new sanctions on Iran