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NBG Acting President: Georgia not to be considered platform for sanctions circumvention
German Ambassador says Georgia cares that its territory is not used for circumventing sanctions
EU Ambassador: We introduced sanctions, expect countries aspiring to join EU to follow same approach
Economic Minister: Some political forces mislead partners, official communication about sanctions is crucial
Economy Minister dubs Airzena sanctioning as politically motivated
Ukrainian President imposes sanctions on individuals, companies, Georgian Airways
Georgia identifies 1,300 cases involving sanctioned products, PM says
Georgian FM: Our partners witness gov't tremendous efforts
Finance Minister meets EU, US sanctions officials
GD Chair: We impose no sanctions, but Georgia's territory not to be used to circumvent them
GD Chair says gov't does not permit anyone to circumvent int'l sanctions
Deputy Finance Minister: Georgia fulfils internationally imposed sanctions
GD Chair: Apart from EU Ambassadors' oral demarche, main demand is imposition of sanctions against Russia
Tbilisi Mayor says Georgia to make decision serving common European interests when it joins EU
Speaker Papuashvili: Georgia has no protection guarantees, neither NATO umbrella nor EU economic levers
Speaker believes resuming Russia-Georgia direct flights disregards no sanction
Speaker: Those who advocate imposing sanctions on Russia prompt for escalation
GD Chair says Georgia imposed no sanctions but will not bypass sanctions
Georgian international airports only allow non-sanctioned airlines, GAA says
Aviation Agency: Georgia-Russia flights to be operated by non-sanctioned aircraft and carriers