Georgia monitoring: PACE welcomes ‘continuous and marked progress’, lists remaining shortcomings
Georgian delegation to participate in PACE session
PACE monitors meet opposition parties leaders
PACE spring session opens today
Georgian delegation to Participate in PACE Session
PACE monitors call for immediate release of Zaza Gakheladze
Georgian and Ukrainian Parliament Delegations meet at PACE
Georgian Delegation to PACE to call on Russia to implement ECHR judgments
PACE adopts resolution on fair worldwide deployment of Covid-19 vaccines
PACE approves report on implementation of ECHR judgments, notes Georgia
Georgian Delegation in PACE: Implementation of interstate judgments to be CoE common responsibility
Georgian PACE Delegation: Russia's statements demonstrate disrespectful attitude towards the rule of law
PACE to discuss implementation of ECHR judgments
GD Chairman: PACE urges opposition to enter parliament
Parliament Vice-Speaker hopes opposition returns to democratic process
PACE: Confidence in error-free voter lists to be high
PACE calls on all parties to take up their seats in new parliament
PACE: Georgia’s parliamentary elections to be competitive, fundamental freedoms respected
PACE to observe the parliamentary elections in Georgia
PACE to observe Georgian Parliamentary Elections