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U.S. Ambassador: Some don't seem to understand that democracy requires plurality of views
U.S. Ambassador deems Saakashvili's second-time appearance in court positive
US Ambassador disapproves continued process of judge appointment
US Ambassador commends ex-president’s being allowed to attend his trial
Ambassador Degnan finds it hard to understand why measures to protect a human life are taken
US Ambassador to be concerned of ex-president’s health state
Public Defender’s Office to play important role in society, Ambassador Degnan says
US Ambassador calls on parties to work together to end polarization
US Ambassador, Deputy Assistant Secretary meeting with opposition
Health Minister, US Ambassador discourse on epidemiological situation
US Ambassador’s remarks to media at Krtsanisi precinct 32
US Ambassador urges government to treat ex-president impartially
Election Day is for citizens to come out and cast votes, hold leaders accountable, US Ambassador says
Having big rallies during pandemic to be little risky, US Ambassador says
US Ambassador urges to fight injustice in democratic institutions
US Ambassador believes better defer to qualified physicians monitoring Saakashvili's health
MIA investigators undergo training
Secretary Austin's visit signals close US-Georgia cooperation, Ambassador Degnan says
US Ambassador assesses environment at visited polling places as calm, organized
Ambassador Degnan says Mikheil Saakashvili’s case to be a test for judicial system