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US Ambassador: It is Melia’s personal decision whether he leaves prison or not but agreement offers arrangement for Melia’s and Rurua’s release
EU and US Ambassadors meet UNM
Kelly Degnan: It would be terrific if there were direct flights between Georgia and US
US Ambassador: Georgia has lot to offer tourism sector
US Ambassador: Vaccination to be important to open up economy 
US Ambassador hopes parties to resolve political crises
Lelo for Georgia party leaders meet EU, US Ambassadors 
State Inspector, US Ambassador meet
EU Mediator meets US, EU Ambassadors in Tbilisi
US Ambassador: Compromise is not a sign of weakness
US want to see Georgia succeed
US Ambassador: President Biden committed to defend free nations like Georgia to choose their future
Ambassador Degnan believes parties to work effectively within parliament after agreement
US Ambassador to Georgia: Compromise deal means no one gets one hundred per cent of what they want
US Ambassador sees public broadcasting as important media outlet
US Ambassador believes parties can talk through differences in interests of Georgian citizens
US Ambassador: Parliament to be a place to bridge divides between political parties
US Ambassador to Georgia: Political will needed to overcome any crisis
US Ambassador Kelly Degnan meets Georgian Public Defender
Kelly Degnan: U.S. to continue to stand by Georgia