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Foreign Ministers to discuss stepping up support for partners under Russian pressure, including Georgia, NATO Secretary-General says
I look forward to meeting with Georgian new Foreign Minister, Georgia is important partner for NATO, Jens Stoltenberg declares
I expect we will decide to do more for NATO’s partners, including Georgia, NATO Secretary-General says
Black Sea to be of great strategic importance for NATO, Jens Stoltenberg states
Alliance to increase support for other partners, including Georgia and Bosnia-Herzegovina
Brutal invasion of Ukraine underscores need to provide support to Georgia, NATO Secretary-General says
NATO to help Georgia, Bosnia-Herzegovina uphold their sovereignty
NATO Defense Ministers agree to continue supporting Ukraine
Tomorrow we will be joined by Ukranian defence minister and our other partners Georgia, Finland, Sweden, and EU, NATO Secretary General states
NATO FMs discuss need to support partners who may be at risk, including Georgia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Stoltenberg says
NATO chief calls Putin's nuclear readiness move "dangerous rhetoric"
NATO chief says Russia shattered peace on European continent
Jens Stoltenberg: We don't have any plans to send NATO troops into Ukraine
NATO’s strong political and practical support for Georgia and Ukraine to continue, Secretary-General says
Ukraine, Georgia to join NATO ministerial to address their sovereignty, territorial integrity, NATO SG says
NATO and Georgia are working closely together, Jens Stoltenberg says
NATO allies stand united in calling Russia for de-escalation, Jens Stoltenberg says
NATO Chief invites Russia, allies, for new talks
Georgian FM meets ambassadors of NATO countries in Brussels
Georgian FM to meet NATO SG today