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Constitutional Court accepts lawsuit Government vs. President
Movement restrictions to be lifted on Easter night
Government to make several decisions over Namakhvani HPP
Turkish Ambassador commends all political actors for reaching consensus that is essence of democracy
Opposition and government to meet at 19:00
Anti-Namakhvani HPP protest organizers say no more need to call for large-scale sit-in
Republican Party: We missed a chance, government to be responsible
Lelo for Georgia: Early elections to be discussed in future
UNM: Our country lost a historic opportunity
Citizens Party: Opposition renounced using local election as gauge to call new parliamentary elections
Lelo for Georgia: No agreement reached as GD demonstrates inflexibility
MP Khelashvili: Not only gov't but opposition to be constructive to make progress
Opposition and government agree to continue dialogue
Opposition and government meet at Presidential Administration at participation of European Council President and Georgian PM
Government explains restrictions logic, businesses cry for two lost ski seasons in a row
Parliament Speaker: No staff changes to be made in government
Tourism sector demands meeting with gov't
GPB to offer gov't, opposition airtime for public discussion
Georgian Cabinet to serve caretaker function, new government to be formed
Curfew still in effect