State to fund overseas treatment of children with oncological diagnoses
State to fund overseas treatment of children with oncological diagnoses

The government session, led by Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili, discussed a project to provide state-funded diagnosis and treatment for children with oncological diagnoses in leading clinics in Turkey, Israel, and Spain, in addition to Georgia. The project has an annual budget of approximately GEL 30 million.

According to the government’s administration, based on preliminary market research, high-tech clinics with modern standards and international accreditation have been selected as service providers abroad.

The project aims to offer high-quality medical services, including proton therapy, a cutting-edge treatment for certain types of solid tumour cancers.

The government emphasized that ensuring access to quality oncological services, particularly for children, is a priority for the state. Cooperation agreements between the Ministry of Health and medical institutions will be signed by the end of the month, enabling children with oncological diagnoses to receive medical services both in Georgia and abroad, in Spain, Israel, and Turkey, as required.

The program to treat patients under 18 abroad will serve as a transitional stage until services in Georgia are improved further. The goal is to establish a children’s oncology centre equipped with modern standards and high-tech equipment to provide a comprehensive range of medical services. The Ministry of Health is actively working in this direction.