Movement restrictions to be lifted on Easter night
Movement restrictions to be lifted on Easter night

The Interagency Coordination Council resolved to lift restrictions on movement on Easter night, May 2, across Georgia.

As a result of communication with the Georgian Patriarchate, the festive liturgy on Easter will be held in maximum compliance with the epidemiological safety norms.

“These norms include the sound system provided in the churches, social distancing and facemask rule. At the same time, the restriction on movement will be eased for one night as an exception in connection with the Easter Liturgy. In particular, movement restrictions will be in force from 11 pm on May 1 till 4 am on May 2,” Giorgi Ghibradze, Head of the Task Force operating at the Interagency Coordination Council, said at a briefing held at the Government Administration of Georgia.

However, access to the cemeteries during the holidays on May 3-12 will be restricted, Giorgi Ghibradze said.

The restrictions on movement introduced to prevent coronavirus spread in Georgia are valid from 9 pm to 5 am.