Tag: EU mediation

EU Ambassador: I am optimistic that we are moving in the right direction
MEP Marina Kaljurand hopes political crisis to end soon
MEP Viola von Cramon: Opposition to take responsibility, first steps
Republican Party: We missed a chance, government to be responsible
Georgian President: Document proposed by EU mediator to be good basis for future progress
Citizens party: Main problem to be absence of readiness for sincere compromise
European Georgia: We accept no approach unless it solves political prisoners and early elections issues
EU mediator: None of political parties could agree to put country interest first
EU mediator: There was no willingness to reach compromise
EU mediator: None of political parties could agree
Danielsson calls on all parties to ensure that Georgia is the winner
Parliament Vice-Speaker: Conclusive mediation to be a matter of EU prestige
French Ambassador: Georgia needs to focus on challenges in health, economic, and region
Citizens Party: Opposition renounced using local election as gauge to call new parliamentary elections
GD Chairman: Opposition intended to disrupt talks
Lelo for Georgia: No agreement reached as GD demonstrates inflexibility
EU Mediator: Georgian political leaders responsible for solving crisis