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Georgian Patriarch to vote for future
PM: Government to hold free, transparent and competitive elections
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Nobody should harm Georgia’s European path, President says
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EU mediator's proposal to Georgian political parties
IRI: 53 per cent of Georgians believe 2020 parliamentary elections to be free, fair and transparent, 35 per cent disagree
Strategy Aghmashenebeli: Snap elections to be a must, but date to be negotiable
European Georgia youth wing rallies in front of parliament
Parliament Vice-Speaker hopes opposition returns to democratic process
Public Defender calls on ruling party and opposition to immediately launch negotiations
Mikheil Saakashvili: We will create temporary covid-administration, quickly stabilize situation
PM – Everybody has to understand that the day of tomorrow should be peaceful and democratic
Anri Okhanashvili says postponement of parliamentary elections not discussed
Bidzina Ivanishvili releases statement
Giorgi Gakharia: We do not need any complications in this election. We will fairly win in all conditions
PM: We have to wait little more, to do our best to take care of each other, of our elderly
Irma Inashvili – We represent the political force which has the biggest support of people
PM: Elections will be held in peaceful, democratic, transparent environment