US Ambassador congratulates Georgians on New Year

The US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan, together with former US ambassadors and US embassy staff, made a well-wishing video for Georgians on the New Year Holidays.

“This has been a difficult year for so many around the world with a lot of uncertainty, change, and far too many losses. Time like this reminds us how precious our family, friends, and colleagues are and how much we cheer the time we spend together. The challenges of 2020 did not prevent us from finding new ways to continue our important work in Georgia. I’m so impressed with how much we have been able to accomplish working together. COVID-19 will not keep us down. When this unexpected pandemic had, our whole team pooled together to help Georgia fight this virus. Your work literally saved lives.

Through our joint efforts, Americans and Georgians showed that we could and will stand together, no matter the challenges. In fact, all this good work has caught the eye of some of those who had served here in the past. They sent me emails, messages, and even made videos to reminisce about their wonderful friends and memories of Georgia. To tell they miss the most, and to express their best wishes to all of you for safe and prosperous New Year,” the US Ambassador states in her video address.

The video congratulation shows Kelly Degnan’s message followed by well-wishings from former US Ambassadors and former embassy staff.