President: Concluding this year with great hope that 2024 to be more successful, year of unity
President: Concluding this year with great hope that 2024 to be more successful, year of unity

In her New Year’s video address, President Salome Zourabichvili extends heartfelt congratulations to the citizens of Georgia for the year 2024. Speaking from the Enguri bridge, she emphasizes its significance as a unifying symbol for the nation. President also conveys her New Year wishes from the Orbeliani Palace.

“I extend my congratulations to you from a location in Georgia that is particularly dim today. There is no illuminated Christmas tree here, although the largest and most beautiful Christmas tree should be standing, visible from both sides of the bridge. This bridge serves as a symbol of unity, connecting Abkhazia and EU candidate Georgia.

I send my wishes from a place where the tallest and brightest Christmas tree stands.

I congratulate you from the Orbeliani Presidential Palace, not only a state symbol but, more importantly, a representation of our unity: Abkhazians, the residents of the Tskhinvali region, our diaspora, and all our citizens. This is a place that belongs to each of you, where your state finds its home. Unity is our most valuable possession, and with this unity, I extend my congratulations on the collective achievement of this year – the candidate status, a true opening of the European path.

However, let us not forget the challenges and hardships of 2023. We remember the Shovi tragedy in Racha, the Guria tragedy, and the daily struggles faced by our citizens under the pressure of occupied forces. We are not forgetting these moments and live with them to prevent history from repeating itself. We also acknowledge the significance of March 8th, the year of our unity, and November 8th, a shared victory. As we conclude this year, we do so with great hope that 2024 will be more successful, a year of unity where we recognize that differing opinions do not necessitate fighting against each other. This is a lesson we must embrace in this election year – to uphold unity, ensuring that freedom and justice prevail.

I wish you this and pledge to defend these principles alongside you.

I wish you and your families health, happiness, and success in all endeavors, both personal and for our country,” the President said.