UNM deems opposition unification as premature and unreasonable
UNM deems opposition unification as premature and unreasonable

Nika Melia, chair of the opposition United National Movement party, feels that abandoning legislative duties should be tied to a clear purpose. If such were the case, the party would “naturally take this step.”

According to Melia, collaboration with democratic opposition parties in recent years has been “nothing new” and will continue in the future. He stated that the opposition should work together on European principles, judicial reforms, and sound investment policies.

However, “unification of the opposition under one consolidated electoral ticket at this time is premature and unreasonable,” Melia stated.

Melia commented on Girchi-More Freedom party leader Zurab Japaridze’s comments regarding the significance of opposition unity, saying unification and cooperation are “two distinct things.” Collaboration is more important than fusing into a single electoral entity.

“I applaud the merger of three political parties. I would be delighted if they merged into a single organization. The merger of three political parties into one will empower each of them. Their decision would be appreciated. Talking about uniting the United National Movement and the three parties into one body is risky. This will not help defeat Ivanishvili’s government, but may even extend it,” Melia said.

Girchi – More Freedom leader Zurab Japaridze stated on social media that unity on the opposition’s flank is now the most urgent aim.