President Zourabichvili addresses Georgian ambassadors
President Zourabichvili addresses Georgian ambassadors

President Salome Zourabichvili addressed Georgian ambassadors, emphasizing the significant responsibility they hold in representing Georgia’s interests, both past and future. In her speech, she highlighted the importance of their role, especially given the upcoming elections scheduled for October 26.

“Ambassadors of Georgia, I am addressing you today because, until now, I have not had the opportunity to speak with you on the Day of the Diplomat, during ambassadorial meetings, or at any other event. Even when I am in different countries, for various reasons, we have been unable to meet.

I felt it was necessary to address you today, as all our ambassadors to the European Union countries are gathered in Berlin, Germany. Germany, located in the heart of Europe, has played a significant role in Georgia’s European journey. Since the first day of our independence, Germany has been a steadfast supporter, assisting us throughout our path to association agreements, visa liberalization, and the recent decision to grant us candidate status.

You are in the midst of Europe, where you hear lies—the lies that our European path continues, that Georgia will still be able to join the European Union in 2030, despite the statements of our partners.

Over the weekend, I was in Switzerland meeting with European leaders who questioned what it means for Georgia to “still join the European Union” despite adopting certain Russian laws and failing to implement necessary reforms. Today, the President of Moldova signed the decree to begin accession negotiations—something we should also be doing. This achievement would have been a fitting culmination of your diligent work.

I recognize that you are professional diplomats who have significantly contributed to our European path, an achievement that belongs not to any government, but to our diplomacy and the will of our people. What is happening today undermines this professionalism and betrays the aspirations of the Georgian people, who have dreamed of this European path since the very beginning of our independence.

I empathize with your current state of uncertainty, where you must navigate conflicting directives. Nevertheless, I hope you remain true to your beliefs. While civil servants are not required to take responsibility for dictated actions, ambassadors, especially those in the European Union, hold an extraordinary position. You represent Georgia, its interests, its past, and its future, far beyond any single government.

Therefore, while I will not dictate your actions, I must remind you that extraordinary elections for ordinary citizens will be held on October 26, but your time to choose has already come,” stated Salome Zourabichvili.