President pledges to be 'very strict' in fulfilling 'Georgian Charter' obligations
President pledges to be 'very strict' in fulfilling 'Georgian Charter' obligations

Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili on Monday held a press point, pledging to be “very strict” in fulfilling the obligations outlined in the ‘Georgian Charter’ action plan. 

According to Zourabichvili, the process kicks off today, “and it will not be easy as there will be delays and unpleasant moments, but this is the only opportunity.”

The President believes “It is an obvious choice to save the European path.”

“I won’t say anything about bringing Chinese to Anaklia on such a large scale which is a stab in our ties with our American and European friends.

It makes no difference to me in whichever manner you participate; I give a formula of unity, which is in this process, around this document, commitments, and I will be very strict about their fulfilment.

In this role, I feel that I am responsible to the people from whom I get some confidence because they liked this document and they see a solution, a relief, and a way.

With this document, we earned some trust from the community and partners, because they see that these are the steps that they thought about and fit their requirements.

This is the aim. The aim is not the elections themselves; rather, the elections serve as a way of fulfilling the charter and returning us to Europe. This will necessitate a significant mobilisation of people, since elections in our nation are won under extremely tough circumstances, but elections are always won.

This mobilisation also extends to the diaspora, which was previously inert and had not been pushed to become more engaged in the elections. Today is an entirely different story; the nation’s destiny is being decided,” the President asserted.

Zourabichvili went on to say that despite larger-scale challenges throughout the world, “Georgia is still in the focus of international partners.”

Earlier today, the President’s Office published the list of signatories to the Georgian Charter.

The President presented the action plan to the political parties on May 26.