President has neither leverage nor strength to reconcile opposing forces, Zourabichvili says
President has neither leverage nor strength to reconcile opposing forces, Zourabichvili says

Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili hosted civil society organizations at the Orbeliani Palace on Tuesday.

In her speech, the President reviewed her National Accord initiative, stressing that “the civil and legal sectors are really the foundation on which national accord is built.”

“This process is not a process of reconciling people, which is of a different moral category. For me, it is very important to create a space where we can start talking to each other about the issues that have divided the country, why we are confronted and overwhelmed. Because of this, we can not find the strength in us to sit together and discuss the key issues that we know are essential for the development of this country and its future, be it economy, social or judiciary. And in order to find that power, we need to be able to agree on a unified assessment of our past.

The beginning of this process is not the reconciliation of political parties. I have neither the leverage nor the strength to reconcile so many opposing forces today. There was an attempt even by the EU to reach such an initial agreement between the political parties. I think it could have been enforced, but unfortunately, that did not happen. I am not going to repeat this on my own and start again, because I feel I do not have the strength and resources to do so,” she underscored.

Zourabichvili announced a new societal format for conversations between parties in the coming weeks.

“The biggest gift for the country before the New Year is that all of us who came to this palace was able to sit down and talk. That means we can talk to everyone. There is no exception if there is a will to do so. Clearly, criticism is included in this conversation, even after our conversations, everyone has the right to evaluate it as they wish, but we have been able to do it in some civilian way during this period and I hope we will continue to do so. It should be continued in societal format and we will develop this format in the coming days to be ready to offer a new format for next year, and in this process, obviously, you will have a very important role,” she stated.

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