Lithuanian MP: You lost territories already, do you want to lose the future?
Lithuanian MP: You lost territories already, do you want to lose the future?

The Chair of the Lithuanian Committee on Foreign Affairs Žygimantas Pavilionis sees “a lot of positive signals coming from the opposition” and expects “the Georgian government will show even more openness to the opposition.”

Žygimantas Pavilionis fears that “escalation in Georgia went too far,” but hopes “it did not reach a point of no return.”

“We are still trying to build those bridges between sides here. I really hope that we might make it. I see a lot of positive signals coming from the opposition or those people who reject to enter the parliament. We see the goodwill from them. I really hope that it will be followed by goodwill by the government side and they will find some compromise to have a dialogue partner to build unity in this country. Think twice, you have a historic window of opportunity opening now with a new administration in Washington, with a lot of other governments. Don’t miss this opportunity,”  he stated.

Lithuanian politician believes only political consolidation could lead Georgia to the European Union (EU) and NATO.

“This is the only way to succeed because the big Russian empire is dividing and ruling you. You lost territories already, do you want to lose the future? If you don’t unite and do it together, and if you don’t listen, you will pay a huge price, and this time it could be very big,” he stressed.

“Don’t think that you can enter the EU or NATO when cornering your opponents. Never ever! Forget about it! Left and right, whoever is in power, only together, hand in hand, left and right. In Lithuania, we have been signing every year at the level of plenary, all political leaders that we hated each other and we still hate, but on strategic goals, we were always standing together. This lesson is never learned in Georgia. Please, learn it,” Žygimantas Pavilionis said.

The Seimas member also noted that “Lithuania will be clear if the Georgian government is going further in isolating opposition” and “if actions are wrong, the government will have to pay for that.”

He hopes “Georgia still could be the champion of democracy and freedom and use that window of opportunity being opened.”

Žygimantas Pavilionis vows Lithuania wants to raise the issue of Georgia in Brussels, as well as in different other capitals.

“We are still waiting for those positive signals and I hope after I leave Georgia, the government will show even more openness to the opposition. I will speak to my Foreign Minister in few hours. We want to raise the issue of Georgia in Brussels, in different other capitals. I want to empower the Minister to bring positive news about the unity, about the smart Georgian people who are patient enough, who respect each other, who open the way for dialogue, those steps that are frozen right now, deescalate the situation, and little by little move the way to the final victory, victory of democracy and freedom that might be consolidated in the EU and NATO. For this, we will have to work a lot,” he added.

During his visit to Georgia, Žygimantas Pavilionis met with the ruling Georgian Dream party, opposition United National Movement (UNM), and NGOs to discuss the country’s political situation.