Giorgi Kandelaki: When gov't changes, society will agree on how public broadcaster should continue to exist or if at all (VIDEO)

“You have turned into a disgraceful propaganda machine, this will be fixed in the future when the government changes. The public will agree on how the public broadcaster should continue to exist, if at all,” said the member of European Georgia, Giorgi Kandelaki in a response to Georgian First Channel’s question regarding the incident occurred at CEC on Sunday when protesters broke the fence, which was separating them from law enforcers.

Kandelaki claimed that “if someone climbed the fence, police were there and could stop this particular person.” Georgian First Channel reporter asked him that there was more than one person. Kandelaki answered that “Georgian First Channel is shameful.”

 “You should be ashamed to work for this television. You should be ashamed because your television has turned into a propaganda machine, the public sees it. You choose the questions, I choose the answers including the avaluation your shameful TV ratings. It is a very shameful television. Your master, who has enslaved your television, has nothing to do with the freedom of your infamous television, which is funded by our money taken from the pockets of society,” noted Kandelaki.