Georgian PM, Azerbaijani President to talk strategic partnership and joint regional projects
Georgian PM, Azerbaijani President to talk strategic partnership and joint regional projects

The official visit of the Prime Minister of Georgia to Baku began with a face-to-face meeting with the Azerbaijani President.

The parties focused on the strategic partnership and friendly relations between the two countries and highlighted the successful joint projects of regional importance.

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev welcomed Georgian Prime Minister Garibashvili at Zagulba Palace.

“I am sure this visit will be very successful and will strengthen the historically brotherly relationship between our nations. Our friendly relationship spans centuries. We consider this to be a good foundation for the further development of our dynamic and multi-sphere partnership.

We are happy to have you visit us. I wish you health. I know you have contracted the coronavirus, and we had to postpone the visit. I’m glad you recovered soon.

We have much of a history of implementing joint projects, including in the energy and transport spheres. These projects have changed the political, economic and transport situation in the region. These projects would have been impossible without strong partnerships between our countries.

The last day of last year was the completion date of the Southern Gas Corridor project, which bears great importance for the Caucasus and the broader region development, stability, predictability and cooperation. All these would have been impossible without interaction,” Aliyev said.

The President of Azerbaijan thanked the Government of Georgia for supporting the projects.

“We praise the Government of Georgia for its continuous support in the implementation of projects. All these initiatives have written success stories in our history. I am sure it will continue in the future as well. I have just looked at some data and found out that Azerbaijan is still among the largest investors in the Georgian economy. That is a credit to the reforms implemented in the country, thus creating a conducive and favourable investment climate. I know that many Azerbaijani companies want to work in your country, and I hope that will happen.

Today we will review the results achieved so far and plan future steps. Welcome to Azerbaijan once again. I wish you all the best,” said Ilham Aliyev.

The Head of the Georgian Government thanked the President of Azerbaijan for the hospitality and invited him to pay an official visit to Georgia at any convenient time.

“Thank you very much for the meeting, Mr President. It is a pleasure to meet you again in Baku. We indeed had to postpone the visit due to a coronavirus infection, but we are glad to be in Baku today.

You spoke of the great relationship we have and that this brotherhood has lasted for centuries. I would like to recall the words spoken by your father in Tbilisi. He said that our neighbourhood was destined. The neighbourhood of Georgian and Azerbaijani nations is our destiny. Thus, we are interconnected and interdependent.

As you mentioned, we have implemented crucial and historical projects. Therefore, we intend to continue to carry out more plans together, which will further strengthen our relationship. Thank you again for receiving our official delegation to Baku. I want to take the opportunity and invite you to Tbilisi at any convenient time,” Irakli Garibashvili said.