Georgian opposition spectrum comments of ISFED PVT flaws
Georgian opposition spectrum comments of ISFED PVT flaws

ISFED parallel vote tabulation results are not the only argument used by the opposition. Zurab Japaridze, the leader of the opposition Girchi party, commented on the ISFED CEO’s resignation due to the PVT formula fault. 

“Some arithmetic mistake made during the parallel vote tabulation, including the statements made by the regional office or higher authorities, is an internal matter of ISFED. In any case, this would not affect the reality regarding election assessments on the opposition wing,” Zura Japaridze said.

There are numerous reports from other organizations that explicitly mention bribery, intimidation, imbalances, and the lack of ballots in the protocols, the leader of Girchi elaborated.  

A technical error detected by ISFED confirmed a technical glitch. Whether it was a human factor or a technical one, it is a fact that this data was incomplete, Levan Bezhashvili, a member of the United National Movement, said.

According to him, the incomplete data was not a determinant of election fraud. At the same time, Bezhashvili does not rule out that the government was snooping on ISFED.

The government now uses this topic for manipulation. It does not mean anything in itself. We all know very well that ISFED PVT data had no impact on the assessments of election fraud,” said Levan Bezhashvili.

“What did ISFED say? What did it count or not? What does it have to do with the election results at all?” Giorgi Gugava, a member of the Labor Party, said.

According to him, the elections in this country are held by the Central Election Commission, and it is guilty of fraud.

“If ISFED had recognized its defect on the second or the third day after the elections, I think the process in the country would have been much different,” Levan Ioseliani, a member of the Citizens’ Party, said.

According to him, the processes could have developed differently, the opposition could have had a different strategy, but he still would not tolerate falsification.

ISFED spokesperson explained the parallel vote tabulation methodology at today’s briefing, noting that a Serbian PTV model was used however, NDI experts involved in the process were not informed about the model, which also counts invalid ballots.

The Executive Director of ISFED, Elene Nizharadze, resigned yesterday.