Georgian gov't doubles maternity leave pay for private sector employees
Georgian gov't doubles maternity leave pay for private sector employees

The PM-led Cabinet meeting on Monday reviewed number of issues covering maternity leave pay, assistance to socially vulnerable children, drug prices and tourism.

Below are the main takeaways:

Starting 1 January 2023, the Georgian government will double the maternity leave pay to 2,000 GEL ($734) for the private sector employees. PM Garibashvili reminded the Ministers that before that move, the government had decided to give teachers full maternity leave pay.

The government will also raise assistance for socially vulnerable children to 200 GEL ($73.40 ) by allocating 65 million GEL ($23,855,221.00) in this direction. According to the PM, the very assistance totalled 50 GEL ($18.35) two years ago.

The PM also echoed the “alarming reports that needs to be verified,” as if PSP pharmacies asked customers whether they preferred pricey, high-quality medication or cheap Turkish medication.

Garibashvili called for strict response to such cases, deeming it a “direct hostility.” He went on to say that he had discussed this issue with Health Minister Zurab Azarashvili, pledging the government’s aims to import and produce quality medicines in the country, with rational and reasonable price. “One can’t sell medicine with 200-300% profit.”

The Head of the government also touched on the country’s tourism, saying that in a bid to boost the tourism, Georgia will host world-class stars and artists in the next two years.

“Georgia will host world-class artists during June, July, August, and early September. We will allocate 70 million GEL. We have funds for that,” the PM asserted.