Former PM Giorgi Gakharia to Chair For Georgia Party
Former PM Giorgi Gakharia to Chair For Georgia Party

Former Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia will chair For Georgia party. The founding conference of the new political party is being held at ExpoGeorgia fairgrounds in Tbilisi. It hosts about 400 guests, party members and their supporters.

For Georgia party Chairman Giorgi Gakharia addressed the gathered audience. “We get united for Georgia, but not against anybody,” he claimed.

According to Gakharia, Georgia needed a political team, which would be able to face the truth and have the ability to tell the truth to the Georgian citizens about current challenges, which would offer citizens fair order and the space to serve the country. Gakgaria further claimed that the power of truth was not to live in illusions.

“Truth and acting will be the slogan of For Georgia party. Strong state cannot exist without strong instructions that enjoy trust of the public. Every citizen should have equal access to the governmental opportunities. Involvement of very citizen should be valuable,” Gakharia stated.

Chairman of For Georgia party said that Georgia needed democratic order but not democratic chaos to move forward. He said that making comparisons with the past “killed development prospects.”

Gakharia said the party program would focus on 3 directions: Development, democracy and security. He said the party door was open for everybody who had the courage to face with truth.

Former PM Giorgi Gakharia resigned on February 18. He said he did not intend to quit politics.

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