Correspondent of Cyprus Public Broadcaster thanked Georgian colleagues

The correspondent of the Cyprus Public Broadcaster thanked Georgian colleagues, journalist Mariam Tsarelashvili and cameraman Akaki Gurgenishvili for their excellent work.

When reporting about one of the local festivals during a live morning program of the channel PIK of Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, the journalist Theodulos Kulap talked about the visit of Georgian colleagues to Cyprus.

“I would like to extend my sincere greeting to my friends and colleagues from the Georgian Public Broadcaster Mariam and Kako, who are watching us from the hotel now and preparing for their departure.  They arrived in Cyprus for preparing stories about Georgians living here, but at the same time showed interest in our national problem.  Have a safe trip my friends and thanks for your excellent work!” – Theodulos Kulap said.

While mentioning national problems Theodulos Kulap meant to Cyprus conflict, Turkish occupation of northern part of Cyprus, which has been lasting for already 44 years. Journalists of the First Channel of Georgian Public Broadcaster worked on this issue in the capital Nicosia.

The prepared reportage will be aired at 21:00 today during a new summarizing program of the First Channel  “New Week”.