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NATO to condemn Russia’s violation of Georgian territorial integrity
EP to adopt EU-NATO transatlantic relations resolution that mentions Georgia
US Senate Foreign Relations Committee adopts resolution on Georgia
Senators Johnson, Risch and Shaheen introduced Georgia-supportive resolution to Senate
Georgian Parliament to adopt a 14-point draft foreign policy resolution
Kelly Degnan: Resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly shows continuous and growing support toward Georgia
Foreign Minister – EU Resolution is yet another serious message that brings us closer to the final goal of EU integration
Christopher Smith – Russia has kept Abkhazia and South Ossetia illegally occupied for more than 10 years
Draft resolution prepared by Georgia adopted by Committee on Political Affairs and Security of OSCE Parliamentary Assembly
Deputy Foreign Minister – Resolution of OSCE PA is about human rights of locals residing across occupied territories
UN General Assembly passes Resolution about Georgian IDPs
Ketevan Tsikhelashvili – UN resolutions are efficient mechanisms to keep international community informed
UN Human Rights Council adopts resolution about Georgia’s occupied territories
European Parliament adopts resolution on implementation of Association Agreement by Georgia
Senate of Ireland adopted resolution supporting Georgia's territorial integrity and European integration
Polish Sejm adopted resolution on 10th Anniversary of the Russia’s Aggression against Georgia
Resolution in condemnation of Syria’s recognition of Georgia’s occupied regions presented to US Congress
Resolution “Ten Years After August War” adopted by OSCE PA
Resolution prepared by Georgia to be discussed during session of OSCE PA
Parliament of Ireland adopts resolution about Georgia