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GD Chair says ex-PM Gakharia to communicate with ruling party ahead of mayoral nomination
Georgian Dream vows to continue reforms
GD Chair: No early elections to be held before 2024
GD won't join EU-mediated agreement, MP Kobakhidze says 
Snap elections not to depend on local elections, GD Chair says
Opposition rebukes GD's decision to quit EU-brokered deal
Georgian Dream quits EU-brokered April 19 Agreement
GD Chair: Ruling party to nominate mayoral candidates by end of the week
GD Chair says radical opposition to be behind Tbilisi Pride
GD Chair pledges ruling party fully adheres to EU-brokered compromise paper
MPs discuss Venice Commission/ODIHR paper over Georgian Election Code
GD Chairman: UNM to have to sign Michel's document. We have concrete tools for that
GD Chair: UNM will have to sign Michel document, otherwise our reaction will be harsh
For Georgia demands investigation launching into GD Chair’s statement
Lelo for Georgia member: Disagreement of one team’s two flings not interesting
GD Chairman: UNM not to benefit from compromise paper privileges if fails to sign it
GD Chair: Parliament to begin approval of members for Supreme Council of Justice in June
GD Chair says UNM to have to enter parliament shortly
UNM Chair to communicate with locals in regions
GD Chair: EU-brokered document to be fully executed