Tag: Shovi disaster

Health Ministry clarifies circumstances of military serviceman's death during disaster relief
Death toll in landslide-hit Shovi rises to 28
Despite weather conditions search operations continue, Racha Governor says
No immediate danger of another large-scale landslide, Environment Agency Head says
MP Rakviashvili sceptical GD to approve Inquiry Commission on Shovi disaster
National Environment Agency heads to arrive in disaster-hit area
Inspection of entire epicentre complete, heavy equipment to move to riverbed, Emergency Situation Service Head says
GD Chair regrets his remarks on one of disaster survivors
Death toll in landslide-hit Shovi rises to 26
Interior Minister clarifies helicopter and drone operations in Shovi landslide zone
Interior Minister: Around 26% of disaster area needs to be inspected
GD Chair: No extra resources could save more lives in Shovi landslide
Interior Minister stays in landslide-hit Shovi
Interior Minister says all agencies work hard in Shovi disaster area
National Food Agency ensures safe handling of cattle carcasses in disaster-stricken zone
Emergency Management Service Head says intensive works continue in disaster area
Oni Mayor says rescue efforts' area expands in Shovi
Death toll in landslide-hit Shovi rises to 24
Speaker views request for inquiry commission as attempt to stir political hysteria
Oni Mayor says scale of disaster to be unexpected