Oni Mayor says scale of disaster to be unexpected
Oni Mayor says scale of disaster to be unexpected

Sergo Khidesheli, the mayor of Oni, provided an update on the ongoing search and rescue operations in the landslide-affected Shovi resort.

He highlighted the collaborative effort involving all relevant agencies in the operation.

“We have confirmed the deaths of 21 citizens, with 19 of them identified. Search and rescue operations are actively ongoing for 12 citizens. All relevant agencies and ministries, along with over 100 units of heavy equipment and the Defense Forces and rescue service, have been mobilized. The non-stop search efforts continue round the clock,” Sergo Khidesheli stated.

The mayor explained that search operations take place at multiple locations.

“Priority locations have been identified in the initial stages, where citizens were likely to be found. That includes the vicinity of the mineral water spring known as Kaltsi, where Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure personnel cleared the way. Heavy equipment is being used to move forward, and search operations are focused on areas where cottages were situated. Searches are also being conducted in the Chanchakhi river valley,” Khidesheli said.

Furthermore, the mayor stressed that the scale of this disaster was unexpected and urged individuals to refrain from unfounded speculation.

“No one expected such a massive disaster to happen in our country, within our municipality. This river is not assigned to torrential rivers. Unfortunately, since this natural disaster occurred, some speculations have been circulating. I call on those engaging in such discussions to cease their speculations. The most important thing is to stand alongside citizens who have lost family members,” Sergo Khidesheli added.