GD Chair: No extra resources could save more lives in Shovi landslide
GD Chair: No extra resources could save more lives in Shovi landslide

Drones equipped with night vision capabilities to identify people have been immediately deployed in the landslide area, stated Irakli Kobakhidze, the chair of the ruling Georgian Dream.

Kobakhidze addressed concerns about the possibility of saving more lives with additional resources. He clarified that the nature of the disaster, involving a rapid and forceful mudflow, made it practically impossible to save more lives, even with additional resources. He called such claims “grave speculation”.

“Those trapped in the mudslide had no chance of survival, given the swift and forceful nature of the disaster,” he added.

GD Chair said that the drones, equipped with night vision capabilities, were deployed at the disaster site. This is what the Interior Minister explained.

“Drones can often provide more effective assistance in such situations due to their ability to precisely identify specific objects, including people. From the first hours, the rescue service had all the required means to see and identify everything on the spot,” he added.

Kobakhidze also discussed the creation of a parliamentary investigative commission over the Shovi disaster. He emphasized that Prosecutor’s Office initiated standard investigation procedures.

“When a proper investigation is underway, the establishment of parliamentary investigative commissions is not necessary. Certain political forces are attempting to exploit the situation for their own gain through speculations. Such attempts are unacceptable,” he added.