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Five Georgians charged for terrorism sent behind bars
SSG detains five in Pankisi Gorge
Pankisi Gorge locals ask for Amnesty Law amendment
Giorgi Gakharia: Police were obliged to avoid confrontation in Pankisi Gorge and the law enforcers have worthily accomplished their function
Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs – Police acted in accordance with law in Pankisi Gorge
Ross Wilson – We believe that Georgian government has high trust to ensure security in Pankisi Gorge
Mamuka Bakhtadze - We have never carried out any project in any region without dialogue with locals
Louisa Vinton: We are glad that confrontation was replaced by negotiations in Pankisi Gorge, we expect positive results
Ministry of Economy releases statement on construction of HPPs in Pankisi Gorge
Director of Peri Company: We entered gorge only with three patrol police cars and if not additional police units, it would be ended with the worst results
MIA launched an investigation into the attack on policemen in the Pankisi Gorge
Kakhaber Sabanadze: Nobody is detained at this stage over Pankisi developments
Giorgi Gakharia: We should calm down, throwing stones is not the way out
MIA released video footage of clashes in Pankisi Gorge
Government administration released a statement on current developments in Pankisi Gorge
According to locals construction is suspended, special Forces will be withdrawn, the police will stay in Pankisi Gorge
Salome Zurabishvili: I’m closely observing the recent developments in Pankisi Gorge, the agreement is the only way
Giorgi Gakharia addressed the protesters in Pankisi Gorge
Giorgi Gakharia left for Pankisi Gorge
Several people injured in yet another clash in Pankisi Gorge