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MFA: Embassies not involved in organizational and logistical issues of President's visits
MFA: Georgian citizens transferred to safer location
MFA on evacuation of Georgians from Sudan
MFA actively assists Georgian citizens in Sudan
MFA communicates with Georgian citizens in Sudan
MFA claims to have located all Georgians missing following Turkey's earthquake
MFA condemns so-called referenda held in Ukraine
Blatant violation of international law, MFA on Belarus President's visit to Abkhazia
Georgian MFA: Delimitation of Georgia-Russia border not a discussion until de-occupation
MFA - Warsaw-Tbilisi flight will be carried out on March 17
MFA - Otar Vardidze kidnapped by pirates has been released
MFA: So-called elections represent attempt by Russia and its occupation regime in Tskhinvali to legitimize the ethnic cleansing of Georgians
Georgia MFA: We are working with Azeri side in order to ensure free travel of visitors to Davit Gareji Monastery
MFA: Georgia supports Juan Guaido's efforts to create interim government, encourage the country’s democratic transformation
MFA – Georgia is working with a number of countries over agreement regarding circular migration and residence permit
MFA: Issue of return of IDPs was not discussed during Geneva Talks due to the destructive position of Russia and occupational regimes
Georgian MFA: Vessel with 17 Georgian sailors on board safely returned to Togo