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Parliament Vice-Speaker: Some opposition forces try to fish political dividend in turbulent water
Parliament First Vice-Speaker: Part of opposition holds Georgia hostage
Parliament Vice-Speaker: Visa liberalization not to be endangered
Parliament Vice Speaker: Democratic institutions develop in Georgia
Vice Speaker: No fundamental changes in government expected
First Vice Speaker: We have held something more than a plebiscite - the elections
First Vice Speaker – Mike Pompeo’s visit to Georgia is a step of the U.S. to its ally to discuss difficult situation in the region together
Gia Volski thanks Ukraine for supportive statement on Russia's recent activities
Gia Volski: State Security Service reveals malicious intent that could be a precondition for some destabilization in Georgia
Gia Volski believes that US Embassy should respond to Gubaz Sanikidze's statement
First Vice Speaker of Parliament - All this indicates that opposition does not want to hold elections
Gia Volski - Russia does not have an interest in people living in occupied Tskhinvali
Gia Volski calls the action of opposition MPs shameful
Gia Volski -  Georgia's foreign policy remains unchanged
Gia Volski - European Union made a great statement
Gia Volski – Deadline for reaching consensus over election legislation is end of February
Gia Volski on opposition's blacklist
Gia Volski - I am quite surprised by assessments and information that our fellow Congressmen have
First Vice-Speaker – I see a better court in perspective than many western countries have
Gia Volski – It is not pleasant what is happening but parliament has to continue its work