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PM: Georgia to be more prepared than all other candidate countries for EU membership by 2030
EU Ambassador urges Georgia to implement reforms swiftly for EU membership
GD Chair vows Georgia to be ready for EU membership in 2030
Speaker: We've successfully achieved 1st step - Georgia obtained EU candidate status
NDI poll: Georgian citizens remain committed to EU membership
FM Darchiashvili: Georgia will definitely take its rightful place on European political map
Georgian gov't applied and will receive EU membership on behalf of Georgian people, Speaker says
Ambassador Herczyński: EU membership to bring enormous benefits to Georgia
PM hopes EU membership application to culminate with full EU membership soon
Commissioner Varhelyi says EU makes Georgia ready for membership
GPB interview with Hungarian FM Péter Szijjártó
Today is not the time for the European Union to view Georgia, Ukraine, and Moldova through the keyhole of criticism – today is the time for a political decision, Parliament Speaker says
European Council to revert to Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia's EU membership applications in June
Applying for EU membership to be correct and logical, FM says
EU membership to be Georgian citizens choice, PM says in Davos
Czech Senate President vows to spare no effort for Georgia's fast-track EU membership
Speaker: PM handed filled questionnaire to EU Ambassador-another step towards Georgia’s ultimate EU membership
Georgia to receive questionnaire on EU membership on April 11
Georgia to receive EU membership questionnaire next week
NGOs propose gov’t 10 steps on road to EU membership