President holds online meeting with diaspora within Our Voice for Europe campaign
President holds online meeting with diaspora within Our Voice for Europe campaign

Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili held a virtual meeting with representatives of the Georgian diaspora residing in EU countries as part of the campaign Our Voice for Europe.

During the meeting, the President thanked the diaspora for their active engagement in the European integration process. She emphasized that the European signature campaign reflects the collective effort of every Georgian who aspires for European integration.

President Zourabichvili underscored the significance of unity and consensus for the success of Georgia’s European aspirations, adding the collected signatures would be presented to representatives from EU countries making decisions about Georgia.

“This campaign would not have been possible without you, our diaspora, a substantial part of our society. You are in Europe, and your voice represents Europe. You understand from your experience what Europe means with its advantages and disadvantages. While nothing is perfect, a safe life and respect for human dignity in Europe are what we aspire to have in our country. Freedom is the core value uniting us and driving our desire for Europe.

On December 13, in two or three days, all the representatives of the diplomatic corps from the EU countries will come here, those countries have to make the main decision about Georgia on the 14th or 15th, and I will give them the signatures collected [within this campaign], I will give them our vote, the public’s vote, your voice, so that they can see that the emigration that lives in their countries today, whether as a foreigner or a citizen of their country, is also united in this universal campaign. I think that this event will also be attended (and this is also a message), at least I hope so, because all the representatives of the Georgian government, today, yesterday and the day before yesterday, are invited: prime ministers and foreign ministers who participated in Georgia’s move towards Europe. This is the consensus, the depolarization, and the unity that we need to make our European path successful,” stated the President.